Paragon Signature Programs

Paragon also offers signature programs designed with our client’s needs in mind. Each program was designed to build pilot confidence, raise pilot awareness and make flying even more fun.

Pinch Hitter

Pilots need not apply; this program is designed to make flying more interactive and fun for passengers by teaching them some flying basics. The Pinch Hitter Program will help passengers enjoy flying and actually relieve some of the pilot’s workload.  This program is ideal for wives, husbands, friends, family and any other person you would like to share your passion for flying with.

Each course is based on the individual’s goals and can include any or all of the elements below.

  • Charts
  • Weather
  • Garmin G1000®
  • Radios
  • Flying Fundamentals
  • Airport Patterns
  • Traffic Awareness
  • Aircraft Controls
  • Emergency Awareness

Pinch Hitter







Tower Talk

Speaking over the radios is one of the most intimidating aspects of flying for many pilots. Our program will teach what you need to become confident and accurate with your radio calls in any situation.

Your course will be specifically designed to your unique needs and experience as a pilot but will include the basic elements below.Tower Talk

  • Airspace rules and regulations
  • Phraseology and terminology
  • Scenario-based instruction
  • Simulator scenarios
  • Actual Flight Radio Operation in Class D Airspace
  • Actual Flight Radio Operation with Miami Approach
  • Actual Flight Radio Operation with Miami Center


Bahamas Traveler

This is a MUST KNOW course for anyone that plans to fly to the Bahamas.  There is nothing more beautiful than flying over the Caribbean in a private plane.  Paragon has designed a program for students and renters who are interested in traveling over to the islands and are looking for guidance on the procedures and policies associated with flying outside the United States.Bahamas Traveler

Paragon will customize this course to meet your specific needs but will also include the basic elements:

  • Over-water flying and safety precautions
  • Airspace, including ADIZ and international airspace
  • Flight planning
  • Customs and Immigration procedures
  • All the paperwork involved with flying international
  • eAPIS registration and flight plan filing


Key West Traveler

Key West has to be one of Paragon’s most popular destinations, but for someone who has never traveled there by air before it can be very intimidating.  This program is custom designed to meet the individual needs of each pilot to answer as many questions as possible about traveling to Key West.  During the program we will cover the following items as well as any customer specific needs:

  • Over-water flying and safety precautionsKey West Traveler
  • Airspace, including ADIZ, class C, class D, warning areas, and Restricted areas
  • Radio communications
  • Flight planning specific to IFR or VFR
  • Where to go during your stay in Key West

After the ground portion we will actually fly the planned route with you to give you the real world experience that will allow you to feel confident to take the whole family for the weekend.