Meet The Team

Jeffrey Wolf – Chief Flight Instructor

Jeffrey Wolf – Chief Flight Instructor“My name is Jeffrey Wolf and I am the Chief Flight Instructor at Paragon Flight Training. I started my flight training when I was 16 years old at Page Field, and not long after I received my Private Pilot certificate when I was 18 years old before leaving for college. My Alma Mater is Jacksonville University where I was very active in their aviation program. JU’s training was contracted through the Delta Connection Academy where I received the remainder of my flight training. I was later hired as a Flight Instructor for the Delta Connection Academy where I instructed for a nearly two years mainly teaching private and instrument students. After graduating in December of 2007, I was then hired by Comair, a Delta Connection Carrier, as a First Officer flying their regional jet.

I found Paragon Flight Training to be a perfect match for me as a flight instructor. Flying around Southwest Florida is surely one of the most beautiful places that I have ever flown. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the islands from the sky and I get to say that this is my job. I have always had a passion for flying and I feel very privileged to have the chance to pass my passion on to my students. With a background in both career pilot flying and personal flying I feel I have experience to guide my students and Paragon Flight Training through the best possible training.”

Tony Pomponio – Director of Maintenance

Tony Pomponio – Flight Instructor“I began my aviation career in 1987 as student attending Eastern Michigan University enrolled in the aviation program. While attending University, I was hired by USAir as a Customer Service Agent which allowed me to learn all aspects of airline passenger handling, baggage handling, airport operations, and air freight services.
I transferred to the Detroit Institute of Aeronautics in 1988 and went on to earn my Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics ratings in 1990. My A & P licenses allowed me to transfer to USAir’s aircraft heavy maintenance department where I was able to work on a variety of aircraft including the McDonnell Douglas DC-9/MD-80 series, the Boeing 737 200-400 series and Fokker F-28/F100 aircraft.

While working as an aircraft mechanic, I was able to earn my flight ratings from private, instrument, commercial, multiengine, and on to my CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings. While working as an aircraft mechanic and flight instructor, I had the opportunity to fly for a corporate flight department in Cessna 310/340 aircraft and the Piper Navajo and also earned my tailwheel endorsement and became a partner in a Bellanca Super decathlon aerobatic aircraft.
I was hired by Comair/Delta Connection in early 1998 as an Embraer Brasilia First Officer and was quickly transferred to the right seat of the Canadair Regional Jet. I also began working with the Airline Pilots association as an air safety representative whose duties included incident/accident investigation, maintenance liaison to Bombardier Aircraft and Comair.

In 2000, I earned my type rating in the Embraer Brasilia and upgraded to Captain. The Brasilia fleet was soon retired from Comair so I was able to earn my type rating in the Canadair Regional Jet and continued as a captain in the RJ.
In early 2006, I decided to venture out on my own and start a business which I have owned for the past six years.
I have been with Paragon Flight Training for the past three years as an active flight instructor and aircraft mechanic.”

Kelsey Mulloy – Flight Instructor

Kelsey Mulloy – Flight Instructor

“Hi, my name is Kelsey Mulloy. I have always wanted to learn to fly but chose to wait until after college. After I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Travel and Tourism Management from Florida International University in Miami, I decided to fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot and began my training with Airline Transport Professionals in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When I completed their program, having received all of my instructor ratings, I decided to come back home to Southwest Florida. I grew up on Fort Myers Beach and thought being able to work in my hometown would be great.

Since coming home, I had flown a couple of times with Paragon’s instructors and thought that the atmosphere and the staff were very professional and fun. I am excited to now be a part of Paragon Flight’s team and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to teach others how to fly.”


Corey Brandt – Flight Instructor

Corey Brandt – Flight Instructor“Hello, my name is Corey Brandt and I am a Certified Flight Instructor for Paragon Flight Training.  I was born and raised right here in Fort Myers, Florida.  After graduating from Bishop Verot High School, I began my flight training and have enjoyed every minute since.  I attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where I obtained my multiengine rating, and from there I went on to complete my commercial and instructor ratings with Paragon Flight Training.

In addition to my love for flying I also share a passion for boating.  If I am not flying, you can find me out on Florida’s pristine waters.

I look forward to sharing my passion of flying and my flight experience with new students and fellow pilots.  I encourage anyone interested in aviation to stop by our facility for a tour.  I would be more than happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have.”

Will Monteverde – Flight Instructor

“Hi, my name is Will Monteverde and I am originally from Woodstock, NY.  My love of flying brought me to Florida at the young age of 18 where I studied and earned my Private Pilot’s Certificate.  I then moved out to California, where I met my beautiful wife.  I had always dreamed of pursuing a career in aviation and turned this dream into a reality when I moved back to sunny Florida and continued my training at Paragon Flight School.  I received my Instrument and Commercial ratings and then proceeded to my CFI and MEI ratings successfully all with the mentoring and guidance from the Paragon Team.

Paragon Flight Training has been an instrumental part of my success and I am very happy to be apart of the team and help my own students grow and learn.”

Josh Podlich – Flight Instructor

“Hello, my name is Josh and I am one of the newest members of the Paragon Flight Training Team. My flying career began at Ohio University where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation as well as a degree in Business Administration. After graduating OU in 2011, I was hired as a flight instructor for the OU Aviation Department where I spent several years dedicated to flight instruction. I moved to Florida in February 2013 to continuing my flight instruction career and to enjoy beautiful flying weather and gorgeous coastal views. While exploring the Sunshine State, I discovered Paragon Flight Training. I quickly realized that the most friendly flight professionals in the industry make up the Paragon Flight Training family. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm of aviation with everyone and welcoming new members to our aviation community!”

Ryan Hogan – Flight Instructor

Ryan Hogan – Flight Instructor“Hi, my name is Ryan Hogan . I’m originally from Jackson, NJ, but have relocated to Fort Myers to join the Paragon family. I graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 2010 , where I did most of my flight training as well as obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science. I have been flying since 2005 and still look in awe at the view every time.  The combination of Southwest Florida’s beautiful landscape and Paragon’s steadfast commitment to consistent, effective, and safe flight instruction is what ultimately convinced me to pursue a position on their staff. I look forward to sharing my enjoyment of aviation with you.”

Daniel Aeschlimann- Flight Instructor

Daniel Aeschlimann – Flight InstructorHello, my name is Daniel Aeschlimann. I am Swiss, from Thun, the door of the beautiful region of Bernese Oberland. I started my flying career as a Private Pilot 23 years ago with a small airfield flight club in the Swiss alps (for the curiosity: Reichenbach LSGR).

After a technical education of 6 years in machine engineering, I became a train engineer and started to save money to become a pilot. I earned my Professional Airline Pilot degree with Horizon Swiss Flight Academy, in Zurich. I was hired by Crossair, a large regional airline in 1998. Crossair was like family even with over 3000 employees. My Home base was Geneva, Switzerland, where I flew the AVRO RJ100 as First Officer. With the bankruptcy of Swissair, Crossair took over the operation in 2001 and operates today as Swiss International Airlines.

After leaving Swissair at the end of 2003, I took a long trip through Asia where I started working as a train engineer instructor. But only two years later I took back to the skies and flew for Cirrus Airlines in Germany on the Dornier 328 Jet as First Officer.

Again, back as train engineer instructor in 2010, I was invited by the government of Switzerland to complete my European Flight Instructor certificate, to become a Flight Instructor for SPHAIR where we explore future aviation talents for the Air Force, Swiss International Airlines and other Swiss Airlines.

My wife, our dog and I live in Cape Coral, where we own a beauty salon and a small property cleaning business (Accent on Beauty). It is the first time I have the chance to work as a full time Flight Instructor, which is quite exciting. I am excited to share my motivation and excitement for aviation with future students here at Paragon Flight Training. I started renting airplanes at Paragon many years ago and completed all of my FAA Pilot licenses up to Flight Instructor right here. I can ensure you with Paragon you will get the best training possible in SW Florida… now in German too if you like!

Brynn Polonitza  - Dispatcher

“Hello, my name is Brynn Polonitza and I work the dispatch position at Paragon. I initially came to Paragon as a student and after achieving my Private Pilot License I began my job as a dispatcher. Paragon has helped me fulfill dreams I never thought were possible, I always had a passion for flying and I love being at the airport. I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2011 with my Bachelors degree in Communication and a minor in Spanish. I intended on going back to school for my Masters until I began to fly; after I did my discovery flight at Paragon I re-assessed my goals and decided I wanted to become a Pilot. The environment at Paragon is very friendly and I enjoy my time here as both a student and an employee. I’m a proud member of the Paragon team and look forward to welcoming new students!”

Larry & Joni – Dispatchers

Larry & Joni – Dispatchers
“We retired and moved from Michigan in 2001 and a few short years later we were recruited by our grandchildren to help our at the flight school. Larry works a couple days a week cleaning planes in between flights keeps the facility in great shape. I work as a dispatcher as well as help Sarah with office tasks. We both enjoy working in such a friendly environment with our Grandson Chris and his wife Sarah and with their dedicated team of flight instructors.”






Retired Team Members

Although some of our team members have moved on to pursue other opportunities, they will always be part of the Paragon family.

Ashley Davis – Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
“My time at Paragon Flight was second to none.  The team members, equipment, and facility are the some of the best I have come across since starting my aviation career in 2005.  I couldn’t imagine a better flight school to work for (and be a customer of!), and am proud to say that I have been part of the team.My experience at Paragon started as a customer several years ago, and I immediately noticed something different about the whole operation compared to numerous other flight schools I have had experiences with in the past.  I was excited to join the team but never expected I’d have so much fun working on a day to day basis!  Having the opportunity to interact with pilots and students from all walks of life was priceless.  Every day I got to work with people of all different ages from all across the globe with different goals and experiences.  It’s a satisfying feeling watching a student progress from pre-flighting the aircraft the first time, to watching them grease in a first solo landing, to ultimately passing the Private Pilot checkride…and then continuing on to obtain further training and qualifications!The most valuable part of being a flight instructor at Paragon was not the pride of passing on the art of flying to others (although sometimes it is pretty powerful), but what my students taught me.  Everyone I had the opportunity to work with taught me a little bit about myself, and asked questions that I had never considered before…that is the most valuable part of flight instructing.  Combine this with co-workers who would turn out to best friends, team outings, being able to help out in the office, and over 1,200 hours of flying per year, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!  For these reasons, I’ll always carry a little bit of Paragon with me throughout my life and career.Jeff, Chris, and Sarah, have an outstanding operation that I miss (and will continue to miss!) on a daily basis, and I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences acquired through being part of Paragon Flight.  It was a difficult decision to retire from the team, however it is only through the skills and experience of being part of Paragon that I was able to advance my career to the next level so soon.  I invite you to stop in and see what they can do for you.
Adam Turner – Flight Instructor
Adam Turner“My time at Paragon Flight was an unforgettable one at most.  During that time I made many memories with the staff and fellow pilots, but most of all my students.  Even though I will miss working at Paragon Flight, I am looking forward to new challenges and to starting a new phase of my career.  My experience with Paragon was a great stepping-stone and it was everything I hoped it would be and more.”






Ben Duke – Flight Instructor

Ben Duke

Bradley Kosko – Flight Instructor

“There really is no better flight school that you can work for than Paragon Flight. I came here with the hope to become a flight instructor, never knowing it would turn into the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. It truly is a family atmosphere at Paragon; the staff and management will help with anything. I mean really, there are not flight schools like this, I cannot stress this enough. The aircraft, the people, and the laughs will always bring me back. As I move on to my future career, my time at Paragon will be remembered as the greatest learning experience of my life. I enjoyed helping each and every student reach his or her goals to become a pilot. To all of those who are wondering, is this the flight school for me? The answer is yes. You will not be disappointed.”

Gabriela – Dispatcher

“Hi, my name is Gabriela, I was born in Quito, Ecuador. I have one beautiful daughter and a loving husband, my two doggies complete our family.I have my Associates in Criminal Justice and I am currently finishing my Bachelors in Public Service Administration with a concentration in Social Services at SouthWest Florida College.  One of my favorite things to do is dance salsa and tropical rhythms. Working at Paragon Flight is awesome, the office environment is great and I look forward to meeting you all.”