About Us

About Paragon Flight

Not all flight schools and instructors are created equal. Paragon Flight is an FAA Part 141 approved flight school located in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida that stands head and shoulders above the rest. We’d like to say we stand eye-level with the clouds, but we’re definitely the perfect choice when it comes to learning how to fly there.

Statistics show students utilizing our training earn their wings about 30 percent faster than the national average. This means you’ll not only learn from the best and have fun, you’ll also spend less money and earn your certificate faster when you train with Paragon Flight.

Of course, cost isn’t the only reason you should choose a flight school. Paragon Flight is also known as the premier flight school in Southwest Florida because we provide excellent instructors, the most advanced aircraft available and the best training systems in the world. You’ll also train with innovative computer-based instruction. More important, you’ll be learning to fly in the world’s greatest aircraft: Cessna’s forgiving and reliable single-engine Skyhawk 172 airplane, featuring the highly advanced Garmin G1000® glass cockpits, with a flight deck package that simplifies all primary flight, engine and sensor data for intuitive, at-a-glance awareness, making learning to fly easier than ever.

Ultimately, flying is about freedom and having fun. Paragon Flight also specializes in making you feel comfortable and confident, so you can have fun while learning to fly at any level.

Please feel free to browse our site and contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help – on the ground and in the air!