Flight Design CTLS

Flight Design Training CenterThe CTLS is the newest aircraft offered by Flight Design.  The all composite & carbon fiber design makes it very light but extremely strong. Equipped with the Rotax 912 engine, the CTLS cruises at 115 kts and burns as little as 5 gallons of fuel an hour. This modern aircraft also has many safety improvements designed to protect the pilot and passenger. Every CTLS has a time-proven rigid carbon fiber cockpit that forms a protective safety cell, equipped with four point harnesses and a BRS airframe parachute system.

Flight Design CTLS Light Sport

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The amazing combination of performance, safety and efficiency is why the CTLS is widely considered to be the very best Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) available on the market today.

The Flight Design CTLS is the most successful Light-Sport aircraft in the world. Paragon is the authorized Flight Design Pilot Center in Southwest Florida. If you are interested in learning to fly a Lightsport aircraft or obtaining a Sport Pilot Certificate the CTLS is by far your best option and our instructors are factory trained to teach you how to fly it.

All of our CTLS are 2010 year models and feature the following options:

  • Dynon Glass cockpit
  • Adjustable leather seats
  • Garmin 696
  • GPS
  • Garmin GTX 330 with TIS (traffic information services)
  • XM weather